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Matterhorn Rides

Congratulations to Morey's Piers, Wildwood, NJ
and Oaks Park, Portland, OR on their 2001 Deliveries
of our "Rock-N-Roll" themed Matterhorn.

Deliveries for 2002:
Santa Cruz Seaside Company, Santa Cruz, CA
Amusements Of America, Monroe Township, NJ

Standard Features:   Circular track with two dips and two hills; hot-dip galvanized steel structure; 20 cars connected to the central rotor by radial sweeps; aluminum tread plate around car loading area; electrical and pneumatic equipment fitted to the interior of the central body on which the central rotor is fixed; decorative panels coated with aluminum sheet; electronically operated lighting; fire-proof (class 2) canvas top; car movement is operated by 2 self-braking AC motors controlled by a static frequency converter.
Park Model Features:  Central body of the ride consists of metalic box-shaped structure to be bolted to the foundation; the roof structure is supported by one central column and ten struts along the perimeter of the ride.
Portable Model Features:  Central body of the ride consists of either a two axle semi trailer or a 3 axle trailer (11 mt or 36 feet); the roof structure is supported by one central hydraulic column which is fixed to the trailer, and 10 struts along the perimeter of the ride; a second trailer is needed for the transportation of the cars and scenery materials.

3bmh1.jpg (157065 bytes)

Optionals:  Back scenery with lighting, spotlights and sign; custom painting or theming per customer's request; set-up supervision.

3bmh2.jpg (132748 bytes)

Technical Data/Specifications:

Seats: 40
Cars: 20
Hourly Capacity: 1000
Total Weight: 70,400 lbs (250 kN)
Volume: 180 mc
Driving Power: 220V (20kW)
Lighting: 110V (30 kW)
Rotation Speed: 14 RPM clock-wise
12.5 RPM counter clock-wise
Transport: 3 - 40 foot containers
Ground Length, approx.: 60 feet  (18.3 meters)
Ground Width, approx.: 57.5 feet  (17.5 meters)
Height, approx.: 23 feet  (7 meters)
Notes: Recent Deliveries:  Grand Bear Lodge; Utica, IL; Amusements of America, Princeton, NJ; Santa Cruz Seaside Company, Santa Cruz, CA; Morey's Piers - Wildwood, NJ (2001), Oaks Park - Portland, OR (2001) and Playland Park (S&T Amusements) - Ocean City, NJ, USA (1998)

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