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Bertazzon Home Page

Bumper Cars, Bumper Car Buildings and Floor Pick-Up Bumper Car Systems

Adult Bumper Cars

Standard Bumper Car Features:
- Paint Incorporated into Fiberglass Body
- Extractable Headrest
- Protected Electrical Circuitry
- Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Frame
- Clutchless Electric Drive Motor, patented

Options Available:
- Floor Electrical Pick-Up
- Token Acceptor
- Custom Painting

Sidney Bumper Car

Available in a variety of colors



"OLD TIMER" ANTIQUE CAR - CLASSIC CAR - ANIMALS (boar, cat, mouse, buffalo, ram, cow, horse)


Children's Bumper Cars
(Mini Sidney - Animals)

Buffalo & Cow Children's Bumper Cars
Buffalo                -                 Cow    

Cat & Mouse Children's Bumper Cars
Cat                -                Mouse        

Gaia Children's Bumper Car

Bumper Car Buildings

Bumper Car Building

Buildings are available in standard or custom sizes.

Adult Bumper Car Building:      standard size - 60X30 feet
includes roof and 20 standard adult bumper cars

Kiddie Bumper Car Building:   standard size - 33X21 feet
includes roof and 12 standard children's bumper cars

"Old Timer" Bumper Car Building
adult bumper car building (with cars) as provided for

Other projects include:
Bumper Cars:  Branson USA Amusement Park, Branson, MO, USA (1999)
Bumper Cars and Building:  JAZZLAND AMUSEMENT PARK, New Orleans, LA, USA (2000)



Bertazzon America LLC
115 Penn Warren Drive • PMB 302
Brentwood, TN  37027
Phone: (615) 383-9135 • FAX: (615) 383-3962

representing Bertazzon 3B s.r.l.